Pond Life
Pond Life is a California based licensed, bonded and insured contractor(CAL lic #879617). We have been building koi ponds and aquatic landscapes since 2004. The company is owned and operated by a partnership. All technical work such as design, plumbing, filtration, waterfalls and rock work is performed by the partners, Dan Rutledge and Mike Perret.

Dan Rutledge, co-owner
Dan has been a koi hobbyist since roughly 1985. During this time Dan had constructed ponds for himself and friends. Dan has been a member of several local koi clubs since 1995. He has held several officer positions within those clubs including Vice President, Secretary and Show Co-Chair.

Dan recently formed a new club, the Monterey Bay Koi and Pond Club in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area to help promote the koi and water gardening hobby that is growing strongly. As the founder and current President, Dan saw a need to help educate hobbyists about the proper care of their ponds and the inhabitants that dwell within. Within the first year, membership has grown to over 40 members and continues to grow as word gets out about this fine club.

Mike Perret, co-owner
Mike has been a fish hobbyist since 1960 and first became enamored with koi in 1964 when he received his first koi from Hawaii. Since then Mike had, like Dan, built several ponds for himself, friends and assisted fellow club members with the remodeling of their ponds.

Mike has been a member of koi clubs in the Bay Area since 1997, holding official positions within the organizations including Secretary, Vice-President and President. Mike also was Chairman of 5 consecutive koi shows.

Dan and Mike first met at a local Koi Club meeting in 1998 and immediately became close friends. Both shared common interests in pond and water garden design and construction. As they both neared retirement age from their every day jobs, they decided to start their own business, designing, installing and remodeling current ponds. It has been an ongoing labor of love from day one. The emphasis of high quality construction methods and utilizing the best equipment for filtration continues to be at the forefront of their business model. As Mike says, "We build it like we would for ourselves". We don't cut corners and are committed to providing the best environment for the pond inhabitants. Each pond is designed with the least amount of maintenance in mind to allow the client to spend more time enjoying their aquatic world. "Tranquility at its Finest" is our motto and we attempt to create that stress-free environment with each project.
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